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Fantasy Automated Investors League (F.A.I.L), a netprov

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Live, now! til Dec 2nd. Here’s the basic idea: Dan, Lisa and Consuela are busy, single salesfolk who keep their college friendship alive by Tweeting about their Fantasy League. Except that rather than playing Fantasy Sports, they are die-hard members of the Fantasy Automated Investors League (F.A.I.L.) in which they wheel, deal, joke and trashtalk about Fantasy Businesses the way others do about Fantasy Football teams. As they banter in Twitter, we learn that (in real life) Consuela is being promoted to stardom, Lisa dreams of marriage and kids (perhaps with Dan), and Dan’s career is in the toilet. This week, however, two crises are going to shake the tight trio. Synopsis (Spoiler Alert! Read No Further if You Are Following The Story Live) First,...

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