F.A.I.L. is a 5-day netprov, running from Wed Nov 28th through Sun Dec 2nd, 2012.

It is a story acted out in Twitter about three fictional characters and their adventures during those 5 days.

The Premise
You know about fantasy football, where you can buy and sell players like a ruthless tycoon.  But why should you have to bother yourself with the folderol of sports? Dan, Lisa and Consueala have created  The Fantasy Automated Investors League!

How to Follow on Twitter
Follow the hashtag #fail12 in your Twitter account
Follow: @Consualtants, @Dans_dataminers, @Lisas_lions

No Twitter Account? No problem! Just click this link for the latest update

The Story
Dan, Lisa and Consuela are busy, single salesfolk who keep their college friendship alive by Tweeting about their Fantasy League.  Except rather than playing Fantasy Sports, they are die-hard members of the Fantasy Automated Investors League (F.A.I.L.) in which they wheel, deal, joke and trashtalk about Fantasy Businesses the way others do about Fantasy Football teams. As they banter in Twitter, we learn that (in real life) Consuela is being promoted to stardom, Lisa dreams of marriage and kids (perhaps with Dan), and Dan’s career is in the toilet. This week, however, all of that is about to change as the three friends head for the financial cliff of friendship!

Want to play along?
You can play your own character starting Friday, November 30th. Go the Play_Along page to find out how!

Mark and Rob