F.A.I.L., a netprov, is the brainchild of Rob Wittig and Mark Marino.

Mark C. Marino ( is a writer and critic of literature in emerging digital forms.  His works have been published in print and online venues, including his adaptive hypertext novela a show of hands, which was featured in the Electronic Literature Collection, volume 2.  His first work of Twitter fiction, “The Ballad of Workstudy Seth” (,  published in SpringGun Press, followed the exploits of a fictional student worker who was supposedly running Mark’s social media accounts.  Since then he has collaborated with Rob Wittig on several other larger scale Twitter fictions, such as the LA Flood Project ( and Grace, Wit & Charm.  His most recent piece of electronic fiction, “Living Will,” has been shortlisted for the New Media Writing Prize.  

Mark has written for the video game industry and has consulted for Walt Disney International R & D.  He has an MFA in creative writing from the University of Notre Dame and a PhD. focusing on electronic writing from UC Riverside.  Currently, he teaches writing at the University of Southern California.  He is also the Director of Communication for the Electronic Literature Organization (, one of the longest running groups dedicated to emerging digital literary forms.

Rob Wittig ( has been writing innovative literary forms for over two decades, beginning with his co-authorship of Invisible Seattle, a novel written by the people of Seattle.  Rob is co-founder (1983) of IN.S.OMNIA, a literary electronic bulletin board system that pioneered digital fiction for a decade before the Web and has been termed “legendary” by cyber-chronicler Howard Rheingold. Rob’s book, Invisible Rendezvous, Connection and Collaboration in the New Landscape of Electronic Writing (Wesleyan University Press, 1994), based on Fulbright work with Jacques Derrida, is an analysis of this early period of electronic literature. Rob coordinated collaborations with Harry Mathews, Jacques Roubaud and other members of the French experimental literary group Oulipo for IN.S.OMNIA.
Rob is also the author of acclaimed web literature projects such as the faux-vernacular “Fall of the Site of Marsha” (recently included in the first selection of electronic literature acquired by the Library of Congress), the chatroom novel “Friday’s Big Meeting,” and the e-mail novel “Blue Company.” He recently completed an MA in Digital Culture at the University of Bergen, Norway, and teaches Graphic Design and Writing Studies at the University of  Minnesota, Duluth. He is currently working in the new literary form of NETPROV — networked improv narrative, a way of creating stories that are networked, collaborative and improvised in real time.