About Center for Twitzease Control


The Center for Twittzease Control is dedicated to the identification, perfection and promulgation of social media text mutations. It is a netprov by Mark C. Marino and Rob Wittig, along with Brendan Howell and Mark Sample.


Mutant wriding manoeuvres run rampant — mzspellings, V15UAL PUN5, vrbl cntrctionz — creating a #ashtag #ash of bzzre wordzmbies roaming the legible landscape intent on eading aye!-balls. Some of these saucy dish-eases are netprovised by humans, others are autonomically produced by alrogythmically progummed infirmware. In all bud a few cases their libes are cut shrt before they blossom. They have not the miminum viability g*d g*ve a flu.


We seek to mark and robusticate rambo-unctuously self-supporating streigns of verbal virtulence and send em out to mulitplea and readoublicate in ever-writening consentric rings.