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participatory fiction in networked media

netprov & electronic literature

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Mem-Eraze, A Netprov

Posted on Mar 30 by

Mem-Eraze is a netprov that explores: the fragility of cloud file storage in social media, and the visual traditions of everyday photography, plus scrapbooking/family archiving...


Tournament of la Poéstry, a Netprov

Posted on Sep 16 by

Join us in a great new word game designed to tlickle and delicght your bilingual brain!           The challenge? Compose petite...


What is Netprov?

Posted on Sep 7 by

In 2010-11 I had the incredible good fortune of being able to do a Master’s in Digital Culture at the University of Bergen, Norway. It let me spend time thinking about the...


Occupy MLA, a netprov

Posted on Feb 28 by

A long form netprov that lasted for over a year, Occupy MLA sought to promote discussion of the issues of non-tenure-track faculty (such as my co-author Mark C. Marino and myself)...