Your Twitzease Sightings

Your Twitzease Sightings

Let us know here about any Twitzeases you are tracking.

Tell us how to find them in the comments section of this post.

5 Responses to “Your Twitzease Sightings”

  1. #twiterror thought to be breaking out in the Boston area after recent bombings. Center for Meme Control contacted, but thought that #CTwitzC should collaborate in containment. Important work to be done in the coming days.

  2. Holly says:

    #Homophonia is the Chicken Pox of Twitzeases. A #homophonia outbreak began just before midnight on April 16th, and the twitzease has every intention of spreading to all of Coach’s students as they wake tomorrow morning. Watch out, the disease is extremely contagious and characterized by the use of 2 or more incorrect homophones in a single tweet (that still seems to make sense allowed… oops, I mean aloud).

  3. Mark Conrad says:

    #twitoxicated seems to be spreading in college writing environments, potentially due to questionable influence provided by a Prof M. Marino. Symptoms include slurred speech, uncorrected spelling errors, and belief in one own attractiveness. #CTwitzC could help in containment.

  4. Sarah-Anne says:

    Reports confirm an outbreak of #twitxt . It is widely spread and very annoying. You can identify #twitxt by the over use of acronyms, words cut short out of pure laziness and replacing words with a single letter or number where ever possible.
    Example: ” Ily n cnt wait 2 c u ! “

  5. vps says:

    All the tools you need to market your blog 😀