qu’est qu(what)e ist poéstry?

Poéstry ist littérature complete(ly)ment bilingue(al) en Anglish & French(ais)!

Join us in a great new word game in Twitter
designed to tlickle and delicght your bilingual brain!

Tournament of la Poéstry is a netprov created by Rob Wittig, Joellyn Rock, Serge Bouchardon & Mark C. Marino
In conjunction with the conference of the Electronic Literature Organization in Paris, September 23-27, 2013

The challenge?
Compose petite poèmes comprehensible completely both en Français and English!

C’it’s simple!

Voilà an example.

  • Fool(lement) Desire
    J desire tU.
    J desire tU enormusmly-ment!
    Qu(when)and tU r en NY, & J en Paris . . . depressive=J :(
    J fool(lement) desire tU . . . J (be)comme Mr. Bean.

C’it’s a game.jeu.

C’it’s litérature.

C’it’s . . . Poéstry!

The Rules?
Compose in couplets.distichs.
(Rimes not necessairey.)
Apart(ça) from that, all.tout’s acceptable: cognates, symboles, numb3rs, proper names proprem, etc.
Mutuallmently intelligible neologismes sont.are grandly encouragayed.
Orthographye & grammaire traditionel be.soit damnayed!
The poèmes will communiquate(ront) par.by any moyeans necessaire!
C’it’s experimentale!
C’it’s seulement pfor amusement only!

How to Play in Twitter – Sept 23-27, 2013
1) Live tweet poéstry using the hashtag #poestry
2) Donate your poéstry to the medieval champion of your choice by adding the hashtag #jaq (Jaquilin), #rog (Roger), #phi (Philippa), #guy (Guy) if you so desire

learn about the Four Champions here