26 sept — poéstry invitation du jour: rendez-vous d.in.s le forê(s)t

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Invitation tá la poéstry pfor 26 septembere 2013

écriver/write sur.on this.cette theme:

SeRendez-vous dans la forêt / Rendez-vous in the forest


Play in Twitter – Sept 23-27, 2013
1) Live tweet poéstry using the hashtag #poestry
2) Donate your poéstry to the medieval champion of your choice by adding the hashtag #jaq (Jaquilin), #rog (Roger), #phi (Philippa), #guy (Guy) if you so desire

learn about the 4 champions here
And/Or/Et/Ou: donné(te) poestry in “comments” section dof cet(this)e page

qu’est qu(what)e ist poéstry?