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Spirit of Sophronia Two

Messages from the ephemeral tent city:   Clown school? That’s what I went to . . . they just don’t call it that. #sophroniatwo I can’t look at the acrobats. I’m just too afraid for them. #sophroniatwo Lay your fibrous optics on Connectiva the Cord Charmer! She lites up like a transatlantic canble! #sophroniatwo Dispatches from the city of concrete: I can generate 1.5m kilowatt-hours per year with anxiety alone. #sophroniatwo Remember when the Mentaldome collapsed because of the slow? #sophroniatwo OK The Elephant’s the Repubs, the Donkey’s the Dems, but what’s the Possum? #sophroniatwo Add your voice! Tweet to #sophroniatwo or text directly here during Northern Spark, June 14 dusk ’til...