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TWO MORE PERFORMANCES Sophronia at Free Range Film Barn 6-8 pm on Aug 23, 2014 in Wrenshall, MN https://www.facebook.com/events/711607485576206 Sophronia at Duluth Art Institute 7-9 pm on Sept 11, 2014 in Duluth, MN https://www.facebook.com/events/1515379808673708

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Join the story by tweeting to #sophroniatwo or texting directly here.   Why would you run away to join the circus? What is your best trick? What is your secret workplace talent? What makes a city wonderful to you? What entertains you most in life?  

Wor(l)ds and (I)Mages

From a glowing, mysterious pavilion we festoon the Medtroinic Gallery at the Walker Art Center with images of two cities by digital artist Joellyn Rock, music and film by multimedia composer Kathy McTavish and live-Tweeted text written by participants curated by netprov (networked improv narrative) artist Rob Wittig. Improvising on audience suggestions, our team of netprov writers weaves stories of the half-cities. Visitors can lounge and view projected Sophronia streams and contribute on Twitter at #sophroniatwo. The production is live-mixed by McTavish using her Graffiti Angel software. We play until dawn with the energy of the night and the strange couplings and uncouplings of the institutional and the ephemeral. Follow #sophroniatwo “The city of Sophronia is made up of two half-cities,” writes Italo Calvino inInvisible Cities, inspiring our networked, participatory tent of marvels....

Spirit of Sophronia Two

Messages from the ephemeral tent city:   Clown school? That’s what I went to . . . they just don’t call it that. #sophroniatwo I can’t look at the acrobats. I’m just too afraid for them. #sophroniatwo Lay your fibrous optics on Connectiva the Cord Charmer! She lites up like a transatlantic canble! #sophroniatwo Dispatches from the city of concrete: I can generate 1.5m kilowatt-hours per year with anxiety alone. #sophroniatwo Remember when the Mentaldome collapsed because of the slow? #sophroniatwo OK The Elephant’s the Repubs, the Donkey’s the Dems, but what’s the Possum? #sophroniatwo Add your voice! Tweet to #sophroniatwo or text directly here during Northern Spark, June 14 dusk ’til...