Theme 1) Aimer de loin / Love from afar
commence(s) Sept 23, 2013

Theme 2) Se vanter de son competence à écrire de la poéstry / Brag about your poéstry-writing abilities
commence(s) Sept 24, 2013

Theme 3) Retour de Damas / Return from Damascus
commence(s) Sept 25, 2013

Theme 4) Encounter with the monster / Rencontre avec le monstre
commence(s) Sept 26, 2013

Theme 5) Rendez-vous dans la forêt / Rendez-vous in the forest
commence(s) Sept 27, 2013

These themes haunt the poetry of Angleland and Franke from the 12th c. to the present day; loyal unrequited love, vaunting one’s own skill (troubadours and rappers excel at this), recovering from drama and trauma in the Holy Lands, plunging into the literal and psychological heart of the woods, were-wolves and other hybrid creatures . . . like our modern languages, offspring of transgressive linguistic couplings.