I Work For the Web is a netprov (networked improv narrative).

Netprov a way of telling a story in real time in multiple media.

How to Play

Netprov is Play-As-You-Go: Tweet how you feel about working for the Web #IWFW

If you write one tweet for the hashtag, that’s great! I

If you feel like creating a character and playing in the storyline, that’s great!

If you do nothing but smile at the concept, that’s great, too!

How to Follow the Netprov

Follow the hashtag #IWFW in Twitter

Join our Facebook Group “I Work For the Web”

Timing of the Netprov

Late March thru early April, 2015.

Stay tuned and join us for future performances.

IWFW Netprov Featured Players

Jean Sramek, Cathy Podeszwa, Davin Heckman, Joellyn Rock, Arianna Gass, Jessica Pressman, Jeremy Hight, James Winchell, Matt Olin, Stuart Moulthrop, Talan Memmott, Philip Wohlstetter, Chris Rodley, Liz Hughes Wiley, Jeff T. Johnson, Claire Donato, Mez Breeze, Lee Skallerup Bessette, Michael J. Maguire, Leo Flores, Ian Clarkson, Jason Farman, Sarah-Anne Joulie, Reed Gaines, Lari Chandler Tanner, Chloe Smith, Amit Ray, Michelle Chihara, Ben Grosser, Skyler Lovelace, Zach Whalen, Jim Brown.

IWFW Creators and Netprov Runners

Mark C. Marino, Rob Wittig