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The Exployer Launches Its Campaign (March 21, 2015)

The viral “I Work for the Web” campaign is launched by RockeHearst Omnipresent Bundlers and its charismatic leader, Andrew Rockehearst Sr. (@tycoonthropist)


Announcing our new campaign to celebrate the work you do on your play on the Internet: https://prezi.com/fjaqyiznrbq8/what-if/ … #IWFW



What Job Do you Do for the Web? Take our Job Placement Quiz! #IWFW http://www.buzzfeed.com/markcmarino/whats-your-internet-job-as-imagined-as-characters-12dly …


I Work for the Web @iworkfortheweb  ·  Mar 31

Celebrate your Work for the Web! #IWFW Official site: http://robwit.net/iwfw/


I Work for the Web ‏@iworkfortheweb  8h8 hours ago

Make an “I work for the Web” video & share it to join our viral campaign! Catch the webwork virus! http://robwit.net/iwfw/  #iwfw


The WebWorkers Respond (April 1, 2015)

The campaign backfires when Webworkers realize how much labor they’ve been contributing for free!


Betty Tweetington ‏@btweetington  1h1 hour ago

In general I do like working for the web. My favorite task is taking buzzfeed quizzes. But i do want better wages. #iwfw


Annabel Lee ‏@AnnabelLeeIWFW  23h23 hours ago

If I have to comment “you are fireee” on a friend’s selfie one more time, I will set my iPhone on fire #iwfw



A Meeting Is Called at Nighthawks Bar. Is a Union forming? (April 4, 2015)

A group of disgruntled workers decided to meet to discuss working conditions on the Web.


Intl Webworkers ‏@IntlWebworkers  Apr 6

Webworkers, do not submit to your exployers, but transform their Tweets & hash their hashtags into tools for change! #IWFW


Annabel Lee ‏@AnnabelLeeIWFW  18h18 hours ago

Forever grateful that I can turn read-receipts off! Now there’s no way my boss can tell if I read his text or not >:) #iwfw


Intl Webworkers ‏@IntlWebworkers  8h8 hours ago

We also must develop means of communicating that @tycoonthropist cannot trace though the Internet is his very spider’s web #iwfw


Polonius McMillan ‏@PMcMilli  1h1 hour ago

@dazicole You get caught up in that mess…  you’ll never get promoted. Me? I’m doing Candy Crush!  #IWFW


What Happened at Nighthawks’ Bar? (April 5, 2015)

Tycoonthropist getting wind of the event, sends in his private security forces, the Pingertons.  Havoc breaks out.  A riot? A rumble? Reports conflict.


Betty Tweetington ‏@btweetington  19m19 minutes ago

@DonaldStevens40 was a typical sat. night, working my 2nd job behind the bar. Protestors came in w/ their signs, chanting about wages #iwfw


Elyse ‏@peaceforelyse  39m39 minutes ago

Went to Nighthawk to learn more about working for the web. Info was great but I learned the most from the police who showed up. #iwfw


Betty Tweetington ‏@btweetington  16h16 hours ago

@alli_do88 @tycoonthropist ‘s private police went nuts with tear gas and pepper spray. #IWFW it was intense.


Sezei Xopos ‏@Xopos_Sez  1h1 hour ago

Wait! This is TUESDAY morning? I was in custody there like 48 hours!!  I can’t count #IWFW and I don’t think they were real ppolice


Andrew RockeHearst @tycoonthropist  ·  Apr 6

@iworkfortheweb are you telling me we do not know what happened at Nighthawks? Crowedterrogate our Emplustomers! #iwfw


Dave Newman ‏@ImDaveNewman  17h17 hours ago

I wonder if some of you were even AT Nighthawks on Sat – or if u were, u must have been really messed up #falseaccounts #IWFW


Whose Side Are You On? Union or No Union? (April 6, 2015)

Now that the battle lines have been drawn, all Webworkers must decide will they rise up with the union or stand up for  the corporate interests that run the Web.


Intl Webworkers @IntlWebworkers  ·  Apr 6

Saturday night at Nighthawks the exployer showed his hand, now show him yours! Raise your Like hand in a fist! #IWFW


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