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Netprov creates stories that are networked, collaborative and improvised in real time.

In 2010-11 I had the incredible good fortune of being able to do a Master’s in Digital Culture at the University of Bergen, Norway. It let me spend time thinking about the kinds of electronic literature I had done and wanted to do, and researching the kinds of creative projects (in all media, from all periods) that crack me up and blow my mind.

I collected all my favorite creative strategies and knit them together.

The result was: netprov.

Netprov is networked improv narrative.

Netprov uses multiple media simultaneously.

Netprov is collaborative and incorporates participatory contributions from readers.

Netprov is experienced as a performance as it is published; it is read later as a literary archive.

During the performance, netprov projects incorporate breaking news.

Netprov projects use actors to physically enact characters in images, videos and live performance.

Some writer/actors portray the characters they create.

Netprov is usually parodic and satirical.

Some netprov projects require writer/actors and readers to travel to certain locations to seek information, perform actions, and report their activities.

Netprov is designed for episodic and incomplete reading.


Mark Marino (a wonderful netprov artist and writer) and I wrote an article on netprov when I was about halfway through the Master’s that gives examples and explains more: Netprov—Networked Improv Literature.

Here you may find and download my Thesis on Netprov.