#fixurl8tionship, a netprov

Join a squad of Instagram influencers who “FIX” fans’ relationships by helping them look *GREAT* for the camera despite how they feel inside!!

And seek advice from another fixurl8tionship influencer about your character’s failing relationship!

Play a character you invent and improvise!

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Mar 25—Apr 10, 2019

The Premise

On the Internet, it’s not how you feel, but how you look that counts. We create perfect lives full of perfect friends hanging out on perfect vaycays (think Fyre festival). At the same time, the internet is full of people ready to give you advice on how to fix what’s broken in your life: your car, your computer, your hair, et cetera.

In #fixurl8tionship, we imagine a fictional world of influencers who give you superficial advice on how to fix the appearance of your broken relationships.  As with most people giving advice, the person who gives it is generally the person who needs it the most. Still, hypocrisy needs no URL, just a hashtag.  In this netprov, you will join the community to give and get advice on how to fix your relationships [for the camera].