1Step Forward, 2Steps Back!!

The World’s Receding
Bakstepping Fitness Community


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How to Play


Did you know
studies show
walking backwards
is nearly TWICE
as healthy as
walking forwards?

Join our
April Challenge:
100,000 #baksteps!!

Think you’re OK

with your current

fitness plan?



Invite the kids along
for some fun
family #baksteps!!






The #baksteps Philosophy

There’s just no better way to get back to the you you left behind!

Yes, you remember the old you! So attractive! So — so– (what’s the word?) not as old as you are now! Surely, the before-you was better than the now-you and can’t be compared to the future-you!

What if you could work your way back to the you that got you into this mess? And with every step you distance yourself from where you should have started!!

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#baksteps in the city!!









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Tired of normative exercise?

Want to really Feel the Burn?









Then why “Work Out”

when you can “Burn Out”

…at Bakstepping?!

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You’re Always

Only 1 Bakstep Away

From Happiness!!














EVEN YOU might have won the Midnite Moonlight #baksteps challenge!!


You came SO CLOSE to conquering the Arbor Day #baksteps challenge!!

You’ll have to DO BETTER THAN THAT to Beat Yourself’s Own Personal #baksteps record!!