Spacing out?
Rent your life & turn that space into income!

Welcome to Air-B-N-Me

In this exchange economy, we share our cars, our homes, and all our stuff. What if we could share our lives? If you ache to be anywhere but here, welcome to Air-B-N-Me, a new experience in lifeswapping. When you feel like checking out of your own life, check in to somebody else’s.  Why not turn your downtime into a timeshare?

Air-B-N-Me is the original (and still the best!) online lifeswapping community.

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Monetize your Monotony!

Rent the lost moments of your life and earn big bucks!

Be an Air-B-N-Me Lowner (Life-Owner)!

Air-B-N-Me, the original Lifeswapping service!

When you check out of your life, someone else checks in!

  • “I earned $42,000 in three months! Before taxes.” -Susan M.

  • “I recarpeted my garage with the money I made!” -Tony P.

  • “I’m just glad someone could use it!” -Maria. S.

Check out for an hour at a time!

Airbnme — earn from your biggest asset! Your unused life!

Crave more zing?

Be someone completely different! Affordably!

Be an Air-B-N-Me Lurfer (Life-Surfer)!

Air-B-N-Me, the original Lifeswapping service!

When someone checks out of their life, you check in!

  • Be a surf instructor!

  • Be an airline pilot!

  • Be a White House aide!

  • Be a back-up dancer!

Air-B-N-Me — when you want to be anyone but you!

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